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Summer is here and it’s time to soak up the sun and enjoy a well deserved vacation. I don’t know about you but for myself summertime equals a whole new shopping list of products. Products for my skin, products for the beach, the list goes on. However, just because we’re on mental vacay doesn’t mean we should stop shopping sustainably. So let’s roll down those windows, turn those hot summer hits, and prep our wallets for the best summertime ethical products.

Sunscreen Is Killing Us All

One of most vital tools in anyone’s summer arsenal should be a good sunblock. However, your typical choice of sunblock can be the source of all the ocean’s problems. Most sunblock’s contain an ingredient called oxybenzone. This is a compound that protects us from UV rays. Now even though it’s suppose to protect us oxybenzone is damaging our coral reefs. If you’ve been paying attention to the news the past few years, you know that the great coral reefs are dying off and loosing their vibrancy. Not only that, but studies show that chemicals in sunblock are absorbed through our skin and can lead to health issues, like infertility. So what are we suppose to do? Mineral sunblock is a great alternative that is healthy for us and the ocean.

1. Goddess Garden Organics Sunscreen
A certified organic company that specializes in sun protection. It’s good for all ages and on top of it all it’s afforadable. An average bottle of sunscreen is going to run you between $10-$20 however, that’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind you’ll get knowing that their sunblock isn’t going to have adverse effects. I’ve use this company for about a year and I don’t have any gripes. They carry forumulas for everyday use, sport, kids, and babies. Check out their SPF face primer!

2. Babo Botanicals Sunscreen
Babo is a certified cruelty-free organic vegan skin care company that you’ll never feel guilty about using. They’re sunscreen is free of those harsh compounds that aren’t good for your skin. Their SPF 50 sport stick runs for about $16 on their website, but good new is you can get it off amazon for just $12.70!

Stunn’ah Shades

3.  Solo Eye Wear
A nice pair of shades are the ultimate summer accessory. Solo sunnies are great because they’re sustainable. They’re made from recycled and repurosed materials like plastic and bamboo. You can get their sunglasses for a decent price. It’s cheaper than buying Raybans.

4. GoWood
GoWood makes sunglasses that are eco-friendly by using recycled wood. They’re affordable and stylish! Best part is they’re sold on Amazon so you get Prime’s two-day free shipping!

Totes Ma-gotes

So what are you going to carry all your goodies in? Totes are the perfect summer bag because there spacious, festive, and stylish. Here are some great ones to consider:

5. Tribe Azure
I just discovered this company. A part of my ethical journey is to switch to fair trade fashion. This sometimes tends to be expensive. Imagine my surprise when I was casually surfing through Amazon and found this bomb ass company. They’re an Indian based artisan crafted company. I purchased one of their bags off Amazon for just $30 and it’s extremely spacious and great quality. I never fail to get compliments when I’m using my bag. Definitely head over to their site and pick yourself up one. Theyr’e perfect for the beach and go with everything!

6.  Arture
I belong to a sustainable lifestyle group on Facebook, one of the members in the group is the owner of this awesome company. Arture is a sustainable, PETA approved vegan accessories company that make goods out of cork. They have some pretty cute wallets and bags, as well as, protective sleeves for your iPads, passports, and other items you’ll be toting around on vacation. They’re based India but, they ship worldwide; not only that but, their prices are pretty reasonable. I haven’t tried them out yet but, I expect to be making my first purchase very soon.

7. Black Dahlia Lacquer Nail Polish: Capital Rose Garden
In my opinion Captial Rose Garden is the ultimate summer nail color. It’s a vibrant coral pink that looks great on any skin tone. Black Dahlia is a vegan and cruelty-free nail polish that’s available through Amazon. It’s non-toxic and the quality is very good.

8. Karma Hues Nail Polish: Terra Cotta

Summer is a time, at least for myself, for coral nail colors. Terra Cotta has got to be my favorite! Another vegan and cruelty-free company, I never have issues with this nail poslish it wears a lot longer than other brands I’ve tried. Definitely painting my toes this color when I go on vacation!

9. Willing Beauty’s SPF 30 Tinted Primer
I was contacted by a rep from Willing Beauty a little over a month ago. They’re a cruelty-free company that focuses on a non-harsh skincare. I’m still in the process of testing out their HY+5 Complex Regimen however, this far I can tell you hands down my favorite item is their tinted primer. I was kind of weary about it because as a WOC, sometimes what’s suppose to be universal for everyone doesn’t always work for me. I was afraid I’d get that ashy look from the tint. While it’s not perfect I can definitely say that this primer is light and airy and really does help my makeup set. I tend to get really oily, especially in the summer but, when I use the tinted primer I really do see a significant difference in the way my makeup sets. Alone, this primer retails for about $24. I find that a tad bit expensive especially since I use it everyday and it’s only .67 fl oz. but, I’d indulge in the epense. I’ll do a more detailed review on the entire system at a later day however, I just had to include this primer in my kit.

Gadgets and Gizmos a Plenty

10. Universal Phone Lenese
So this product isn’t necessarily ethical but, it’s definitely fun! I received these lenses as a gift several months ago. Toss them in your purse or carry on and you have the power of a mirrorless camera in the form of your iPhone. I love these lenses because I don’t always want to carry my huge DSLR around when I’m sight-seeing. It’s way more compact and leaves a lot more room for other items. This particular kit comes with a fisheye lens, a macro and wide angle, and a telephoto. Perfect when you’re taking the train into the city or at the beach with friends.

11. Bluetooth Selfie Stick
Selfie sticks are a staple in the tourist traveling kit. They’re a great way to get wide angle shots without the having to trust a stranger. I picked up one for a trip I’m planning but, needed one that had a large range of movement. Bluetooth capable selfie sticks are great because you don’t need the cord.

12. Power Bank
It’s 2017 if you don’t have a power bank than what are you even doing? There’s nothing worse than when your phone loses charge while you’re out. Maybe you’re at the board walk and you want to capture that perfect sunset photo but your phone is on 1%. Regardless of your reasoning, you need a power bank when your traveling or just enjoying the summer days. I don’t know about you but, I for sure utilize my phone more often iin the summer when I’m out. And I’m outdoors a lot more in the summer. Whether you’re hiking, at the pool, on a resort, or visiting the coast, don’t run out of charge. The one in the link is the power bank I purchased on prime day for just under 30 dollars. It’s so cute no the inner cat lady in me just had to have it.

There you have it, my summer arsenal. All these items are available for purchasing through the links provided. I strive to find these goods at the lowest coast possible to save you money. However, we’re not done yet folks.

I’m hosting another giveaway! You guys could win one of two prizes!
One Tribe Azure Tote bag
Universal Lense Kit w/ a bluetooth Selfie Stick. I will be choosing at random a winner for each prize, all you have to do is follow the instructions.
How to Win:

Open to US readers only. Head over to my instagram and twitter page and hit that follow button. Comment down below when you”re done and let me know what you’re plans are for the remainder of the summer.

Good luck!


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