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Yesterday, I was faced with conundrum. My mother was sick, my stomach was growling, and my bank account was low. What’s a gal to do? I started to cook. After hours of trying to figure out what I actually wanted to make I decided that a simple stir-fry was the best option. I love stir-fries. They’re so simple to do and take little to no effort. I’m all about one pot recipes lately. I find doing dishes to be the most deterring part of cooking. I love the eating part but, cleaning up? I hate it.

One of my all time favorite dish is beef and broccoli. Almost every Chinese restaurant has it. When I decided on a stir-fry I knew beef and broccoli was the way to go. My family is difficult to say the least. Half of us could be craving chicken and the other half steak. That’s why for this recipe I did both, chicken and beef. Since I use two different meats I suppose this isn’t completely a one pot recipe but, I will say regardless it just as delicious and just as easy.

I was really surprised how well this dish turned out therefore, I figured I’d share it with my readers.

You don’t have to be Gordon Ramsey to figure this dish out.

Start with washing all your vegetables and meats. Please do so separately to avoid contamination.

I chose to go with broccoli, onions, and peppers but, carrots, water chestnuts, baby corn could be used just as well.

I started by chopping up my broccoli first. I made sure the florets were in medium sizes as I had half go towards the steak stir-fry and the other towards the chicken. In retrospect I probably could have used more broccoli but, I’ll have to remember that for next time.

Next I chopped up one white onion into strips. I didn’t want a strong onion taste in this stir-fry so I only used one onion for both batches but, every recipe is customizeable, change the portions around to your liking. I bought one carton of white mushrooms and used about half. This is because my family isn’t big on mushrooms so again this was divided up between both stir-fries. I sliced up a mixture of peppers for both batches to include. I used one large green pepper and a bag of mini yellow and orange.

Once I was finished with the veggies, I cut my chicken and steak (separately) in to chunks using cooking shears. I find it a lot easier to chop with shears versus knives. While it’s proper culinary etiquette to use an array of knives, I aim for simplicity and efficiency. I don’t have time to worry about how to properly julienne my food.

Make sure when dealing with steak to tenderize the meat first so that it doesn’t come out tough, once cooked. I’ve had bad experiences in the past while trying to cook with flank steak. I neglected to tenderize and the meat was so difficult to chew it was basically rubber. I tenderized the hell out of the meat for a while to ensure I didn’t make the same mistake again. Once beaten, I cut the pieces into chunks like the chicken. Something about my chicken in little nugglets make me feel like it always taste the best. Probably all in my head though. 

From there I pan fired my veggies together until the broccoli turned a nice bright green and soft. Note: I used coconut oil to cook my food. It’s healthier and I have it in abundance. Again this can be substituted for whatever oil you usually use when cooking. I added in some ginger and minced garlic for flavor. When my veggies were finally cooked I set them aside in a bowl for later. 

In between cooking my the meats I made the sauces for each batch. In a mixing bowl I combined oyster sauce, low sodium soy sauce, sesame oil, chicken or beef broth (low sodium), and sesame seeds. This mixture will be added once the meats are cooked.

While pan frying the steak I added in some minced garlic for taste. I didn’t worry about cooking the steak all the way since later on I would be throwing it back into the wok along with the veggies. The chicken cooked pretty fast so I will suggest staying on a low heat if you’re doing the sauce in between.

When I had everything cooked and ready I combined half the veggie mix with the chicken in one wok and the other half with the steak in another. I let the veggies heat up for a minute and then added the sauce to the corresponding stir-fries. The beef broth based one with the steak and the chicken broth with the chicken.

From there I made sure the all the meat was fully cooked and keep the heat low working it doesn’t to a simmer. When everything was complete I threw some fast rice into a pot of water and waited about 10 minutes.










In the end this dish took me around an hour. Not too long at all. Super easy and anyone with basic cooking skills can master. Perfect for a night in when you’re tired of ordering take-out.


Wanna give it a try? Follow the recipe down below!





Let me know how it turns out!



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