The Foodie Chronicles: Friedman’s Restaurant

The Perfect Burger

Fun fact about me, I’m an incredibly picky eater. Many of days have been spent in my house fighting with my mother over my dissatification for what was for dinner. The same sentiment is extended when I’m eating out. One of my all time favorite foods are good old hamburgers. Seldom do I find a burger that meats 😉 my requirements. Perfectly toasted bun that has a light glaze of butter, flavorful patty that is well done to the point that I don’t see pink but, I can still taste the beef, and the just right amount of toppings that don’t slide out the moment I try to bite into it.

There has been two times in my life where a burger has made me cry. The first time when at a wonderful little farm to table bistro in my hometown that was short lived. The second time, was at Friedman’s Restaurant at the Chelsea Market in New York.

Photo source: Screen shot from website

The Magical Taste

My friends and I discovered Friedman’s on accident on a trip to New York City while in college. We took a taxi to the Chelsea Market, as it’s an awesome tourist attraction. The Chelsea has tons of restaurants to choose from and honestly it was probably devine intervention that we decided to even enudge the 30 minute wait to eat at Friedman’s, considering all the other choices. Obviously, since it’s the topic of this post, it was well worth the wait.

First, let me just say a part of my ethical journey is ideally eventually converting to only grass fed meats and organically produced groceries and such. However, it’s a marathon not a sprint and I haven’t quite gotten there yet. I know for some, ethical eating means going vegetarian however, for myself that just isn’t an option. I loves me some chicken. When I do get the option I do try to shop at farmers markets and opt for non hormonal meats. That is why I support Friedman’s. they are a family ran business that is gluten free and uses antibiotic free meats. What more can you ask for?

Prior to trying their burger two years ago I wasn’t quite sold on the farm to table and farmer’s market produce craze but, I will say the taste is there and it is amazing! The first time I tried their burger, I bullshit you not, I had tears in my eyes.


The Burger   

This is just my go to order when I’m there. However, I have heard amazing things about their other dishes so, if you’re not a burger lover I’m sure they can hook you up with something you’ll like.

My order:
Friedman’s Burger – Well Done
100% “All natural” Angus beef  with lettuce and tomato
With herbed fries & Boylan Black Cherry Soda

The most importantly- Avocado aioli on the side.

Personally, the aioli sends this already magical burger, over the top! The Friedman’s Burger doesn’t initially come with the aioli. They have a Turkery burger that claims it however, I love aioli and I love avocado so when I saw that on their menu I knew I needed it on my burger too. I highly suggest you ask for it if you value your tastebuds.

The Chelsea Market

If you’re head to New York definitely stop by the Chelsea Market. Not only for the great food from Friedman’s Restaurant but, for the shopping. There are bakeries and artisans that you can stop by as well. I’ve gotten some really nice handcrafted leather goods and jewelery from the open market there. Of course though I’m always going back for the burgers.

I make the trek up there for special occasions like for my birthday last year (December 23). But, now writing about it I’m getting a craving. Maybe it’s time to hop on the train and get a burger.

So there you have it. My favorite burger to date is the Friedman’s burger, try it out for yourself and let me know what you think.


Friedman’s Restaurant has four locations and they all deliver,  so if you can’t get in at the Chelsea Market don’t worry.

Photo source: Screen shot from website


  1. Miranda

    I’m a picky eater too, but I gotta say I’m not a fan of burgers! But one that brought you to tears of sheer joy… I’m definitely curious enough to want to try it!

  2. Lisa K

    Well I have never had a meal bring me to tears! I do think that your ethical journey is commendable, it takes time to make changes but good on you for making the effort.

  3. Paul

    That looks like the most delicious food I’ve seen today – yummmmm! Great post.

  4. Bhuboy

    Thats a lot of food in a single plate, for me

  5. Globe Runners

    love how you get a whole pickle just chillin on your plate haha..

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