Fair Trade Shopping: Jewlery

May 20, 2017

Let’s talk accessories.

No outfit is complete without a stylish necklace or a collection of bangles. I love how the right accessories can transforms any outfit. I’ll admit shopping ethically can get a bit expensive and one of the things I do miss is costume jewelry. So cheap and so easily accessible. Since starting my ethical journey I’ve adopted some new favorite shops. It took me a while but, with the right amount of research, fair trade and sustainable jewelry is definitely within reach for any fashionista.

While it’s easy to simply pick up a necklace or two while browsing through Forever 21 or even Macy’s, it’s important to invest in your style. Investments, not just for yourself but, the global community. That’s why ethical jewelry is so important. Certain shops like Ten Thousand Villages get their accessories from all over the globe and pay the artisans fair wages for the pieces they make. They also reinvest into the communities so that the artisans will be able to live sustainable lives. Ethical shopping doesn’t stop there, some shops create their jewelry from recyable materials. Protecting the environment one bracket at a time.


Here are a few great stores to start you off:

One of my all time favorite shops is Ten Thousands Villages. I always head there first when I’m up in Lancaster, PA shopping at the outlets

I get so many great pieces from this shop. The great thing about this store is every product has a background story. Your jewelry can come from Nepal, Cambodia, Mexico, you name it.

Not only are the items Fair Trade but, their eco-conscious.


These beauties right here are handcrafted in Cambodia made from brass from bomb cassing. I love this ring so much I had to go back and get it in silver. It’s adjustable and stylish. Not your style? Check out their online store. They have tons of good stuff. Other types of stylish brass rings, leather rings, wooden, etc.

Bracelet: Ancient Wisdom Bracelet
Origin: Haiti
Specs: Horn and wood

This Haitian I ended up getting on a whim. I love wooden accessories and this bad boy is my go to bracelet.

Ten Thousand Villages creates opportunities for artisans in developing countries to earn income by bringing their products and stories to our markets through long-term, fair trading relationships.


My Secret Wood is literally one of the best kept secrets. These rings are so decadent. They’re a bit spendy but, so worth it! Handcrafted from different woods and resin, they create a tiny world within the design. While they only sell rings you’ll definitely make a statement with these beauty. They come in a vary of different designs. I’m already browsing the website now to pick my next one. The rings range from $90 to almost $200.

There is of course shipping cost however, the quality is top notch. It’s takes around 3-4 weeks for the ring to be made. So don’t expect to put through an order and get it super fast. I think it took mine around a month and a half to actually reach me. Every ring is uniquely crafted and once your ring is made they send pictures to ensure you’re 100% happy with it. Check out their site, they’d make create gifts.



Probably everyone knows about Alex and Ani. It’s a pretty popular ethical company. I only wish other companies like this were more popular. They make necklaces, bracelets and more that are eco-conscious and handmade in America. They promote great meanings with their jewelry. My favorites are their crystal necklaces. They have a crap ton in different crystals and minerals that are chic and will go with any style. I ask for one every Valentine’s Day.



Tips for picking out ethical jewelry:


1. Check the origin of your pieces. If it’s crafted in America odds are you’re safe to go. Otherwise look to see if it’s artisan crafted.

2. Avoid buying jewelry from low end shops. They’re made chep so you’re paying cheap. Don’t forfeit quality for a low price.

3. Look for the use of recycled material. Eco-friendly!


By Brooke