5 Ways to Combat Trump’s Efforts to Destroy the Planet.

Houston, we have a problem. As members of the planet Earth, we have a huge role to play. Now I understand that everyone has different political views however, regardless if you’re a Trump supporter or opposer, it can not be denied that we need to protect this planet we call home. Point blank, period!

If you believe what the scientist are saying, which I firmly do, then you understand that the global temperature has been on the rise for the past several decades and there’s no signs of it stoping. Now if you’re a naysayer then you’re probably thinking “Summer is suppose to be hot. Temperatures change, get over it”. While that’s technically true… it runs deeper than just having a sweaty ass crack in the middle of the Winter. With climate change comes pretty dire consequences.

Consider the following facts:

1.The 2015 drought in California was, according to scientist, the worst water shortage in 1,200 years. It was only intensified because of the global climate change.
2. Since 1912, Mt. Kilmanjaro’s snow caps have melted by more than 80%.
3. With the temperature spikes ice caps and glaciers are melting away and our oceans are warming up causing an expansion in volume. The combination of those two occurrences are causing a rise in global sea levels.

In Laymen Terms:

1. Droughts = No water, No Water = DEATH
2. Snow is melting where it shouldn’t be melting…
3. Rise in sea level means receding beaches, floods, and less land for us to exist on. Plainly, bitch we going to drown..,.

Political Nonsense

Now I’m not here to try convince you. There are plenty of sources out there for you to discover that I believe can help you with your possible denial. My mission is to bring awareness about how we, as memebers of this global community, are suppose to change this severe threat. One of the biggest stories in the news lately is how Trump has decided he will be pulling the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement. I can’t even describe in words how disappointed I was when I heard the news. I’m not a fan of Trump by any means and a lot of his policies and rhetoric I find disgusting. However, out of all the policy changes he’s attempted this one is the most selfish. Healthcare, yes we all need it. Freedom of religions and such, yes. However, those two topics that he and his administration have threaten are contained to the US. Global climate change effects the entire globe, Not just people in Kentucky, or little Delaware but, people in Fiji, Kenya, Denmark, everywhere. People like Trump and other naysayers don’t understand that while you may not see immediate concerning effects of Global Warming right this second, it’s impending and we better get ready. That’s why it’s important to try and stop it now.

It’s like in school when a teacher says there more than likely will be a pop quiz weeks from now that accounts for, lets say 95% of your grade. If you know this is coming why sit around and not do everything in your power to prepare and assure that you’ll pass?

Trump may have his own reasons behind what he does. Whatever those reasons are, I’m not going to sit around and wait for him or any other elected officials whom are in denial, to decide when it is time for the US to do the right thing.

Many small efforts can lead to big changes.

If Trump isn’t going to do anything, than it’s up to us! We need to take a cue from Canada, Apple, Pittsburgh, other business leaders, and countries. We need to try to help in the efforts to reverse the effects of Global Warming. Future generations depend on it. I don’t know about you but, in the future I would like it if my grandchildren had beaches to visit or trees to climb. Sitting around doing nothing pretty much seals our fate of living in a post apocalyptic Mad Max world.  As cool as it may seem I don’t think I can pull off that steam punk look. 

Ready for Combat

So let’s get started. It’s up to you and me to change the world! Here are five everyday steps you can make to combat Trump’s stupid stupid decicion.

1. Be conscious of your carbon emissions

We all know that our carbon foot print is a huge contributing factor to the climatic changes. A great way to reduce that foot print is to drive less. Not everyone can afford to go out and buy a Prius or Tesla however, walking to close destinations and/or taking public transportation is a good start. Buy taking the bus you’re riding as a collective and cutting down on the emissions of carbon. Not only that but, biking is beneficial for your health and will do wonders for your legs. Think about the possible calve definition 😉 And taking the bus will save you money on gas.

2. Start a compost

Your garbage stinks. When you send your garbage to the dump /landfills it’s admitting a greenhouse gas called methane. Don’t let the name fool, greenhouse gasses emit radiation once in the right atmospheric conditions. Harmful? Not exactly, not until there’s an overload. Then it triggers a little process we all know as Global Warming. Think about if, you’re dumping a shit ton of garbage and your neighbor is as well and their neighbor and so on and so on… that’s a lot of methane going up into our atmosphere. Recycling and creating a compost cuts down on those emissions.

3. Buy locally and organic or go meatless

Big farms not only make it harder for the small town farmers to thrive but, they produce their products in conditions that aren’t always healthy for people and the animals. Livestock production accounts for 18% of greenhouse gas emission. That’s a lot. If we cut down on the amount of meat we eat then, that could slow this industry down significantly. I’m in no way saying let’s all be vegans but, having a salad or two a week can help.

4. Save the Energy, Save the World

Un-plug, this saves you some money and saves the planet. Think about where all that energy we utilize comes from… I’ll wait. Switching to energy efficient lightbulds or even simply putting appliances on power strips and turning those off at night will cut your energy bill in half. This is a great alternative because as a country the US hasn’t fully jumped on the wind turbine bandwagon. Other ways to save energy: use less hot water, invest in solar panels, replace air filters so your A/C isn’t working twic as hard.

5. Build a forest, plant a tree

If every person planted a tree, think about the massive effect this would have on the climate? I’m going to take you back to fourth grade science class. Trees produce oxygen, which is great for us but, that’s not their only function. Trees are mother nature’s filter. They take in carbon dioxide during photosynthesis. Hello?!! If you’ve been paying attention you’d know carbon dioxide is one of those pesky greenhouse gases that is the route of the problem. Cutting down that forest in exchange for a mini-mall isn’t always the best option. So much of this planet nature is falling victim to coporate growth and deforestation. Instead of building we need to grow.


There are tons of other ways to combat global warming. These are just what I find the easiest to implement first.

We only have one Earth and we’re destroying it. It’s important to have these conversations and to take action. Trump’s mistake shouldn’t be our’s! Stand with the rest of the world and save our planet.


Side note: A sure fire way to help the planet is to vote in your local elections and elect candidates whom believe in Global Warming and have strong environmental plans.

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  1. Sabine

    I was so disappointed too! What an idiot that guy is! Great ideas about how we civilians can make a change!

  2. Jade

    The world needs more blog posts like yours. Keep it up!!


  3. Hannah

    Finally, someone has put into simple terms what is going on for me 😀 Together we can save the world!! http://www.chausadventure.wordpress.com

  4. Kaylee

    This is a great list of ways to help out the environment.

  5. Jasmin N

    This world is a ticking time bomb to be honest. It’s like human body, most of it is water and when it gets sick – the temperature rises. Which meand that world is having flu, it raises the temperature to get rid of the virus/bacteria which in this case is humans.
    Trump is one huge bacteria.
    I can’t believe how stupid one person can be and I still haven’t processed the fact that he actually is, a president of one the most powerful nations. I just can’t wrap my head around it. But you’re right, to slow down things happening to this planet like global warming, death of the great reefs and spoiled oceans we as people of this Earth need to take some serious actions. Whether it’s recycling, boycotting meat industry or buying local – something has to be done.

  6. Phaytea's Pulse

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  7. Zana Djakovic

    This post was great to read. I really agree with you, every individual can do something.
    You gave us here really good tips. Let’s make this world a better place, let’s make a change.
    Step by step. 🙂

  8. Mercy (Zen Maud)

    You cracked me up with “it runs deeper than just having a sweaty ass crack in the middle of the Winter. ” Many naysayers do fail to realise that we are as much a part of our earth as all of nature, and that, just as all of nature works to regenerate itself through consuming and giving back, humans must also do the same. We humans have contributed to a polluted world because we consume without replacing what we take. If we all replanted decimated forests, disposed of trash properly, conserved energy by not wasting water and electricity, and found greener ways to release pollutants, our temperatures would definitely improve. Ok, rant over.

    1. Brooke

      I 100% agree. If you ever want to rant/chat about it you know where to find me 🙂

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  10. Jen

    I love this! And firmly believe that the spirit of people like you will always “trump” any one man, no matter how vile or orange haha 😉

    1. Brooke

      Hahahahahahaha 🙂

      Thank you 🙂

  11. Echoesofhervoice

    These are good tips that we can all implement. Every little bit helps. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Touresar

    He’s such an ass ugh >.<
    Great article, thanks for sharing 🙂

  13. Touresar

    He annoys me sooooo much >.<
    Great post, keep up the good work!

  14. Stella Ryuk

    Preach sister! Finally someone who understands the gravity of this matter!


    High time to save the planet. Nicely put!

  16. marine

    Love this ! we need to take a stand !

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