Best Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands

Let’s talk beauty. Makeup and other beauty products account for probably 30 percent of my expenses. Personally, I think that’s a lot however, I realize compared to other beauty bloggers and gurus my measly 30 percent is nothing. With my jump to shopping ethically, I extend the ethical mindset to my makeup.

Since this is an ethical blog, it’s only fair that I blog about the best, in my opinion, ethical beauty brands.

Beauty Products that Safe for All

When I initially made this jump, I didn’t realize how much of the products we consume/buy are manufactured and produced in questionable conditions. I’ve caved several times since then, buying from Forever 21, because let’s be honest, Fair Trade is expensive. Regardless, the area that I have maintained my sobriety is in the beauty department. I’m proud to say all of my makeup is produce by companies that are cruelty free and/or are converting to vegan products! Eventually, I want to get to the point where all my products are completely vegan and organic but, baby steps.

If you’re looking to make the switch, for moral purposes or you’re just trying to buy quality products, I’ve comprised my favorite ethical brands and products that you might want to try.

This list ranges from low to high end.

Cruelty-Free is the Way to Be


I feel like we all know about this gem. Products reach as low as a $1. Anytime I can get makeup for a dollar I’m good with it. Not only is the brand hella affordable but, it’s certified cruelty free! The quality is awesome for the price but, I will say you don’t always get the same amount when you compare to other brands but, with the pricing that low who cares?

Favorite product(s): Baked Highlighter, Hydrating Bubble Mask, Expert Liquid Liner


I’ve been using NYX for years! The price is just right for me. Whenever I walk into Ulta I go straight for their display. It’s a great drug store brand that isn’t a drug store brand. While it’s not organic, they do claim to be 100% cruelty free. Their products are really great quality for the pricing and I even prefer it to some of the high end brands that are on this list. The colors are so vibrant and the longevity of some of the products rival the more expensive competitors. I’m completely in love with their brow products. I’ve used them for several years religiously. If you’re looking for vibrancy for less go with NYX.

Interesting find, when looking up NYX it seems their parent organization is L’Oreal, who also owns Urban Decay. While PETA confirms that NYX and UD are cruelty-free, they state that L’Oreal in itself does in fact test on animals. Weird.

Favorite product(s): Pigments, Eyebrow Gel, Auto Eyebrow Pencil


Milani is a great brand if you really enjoy rich pigmented colors for cheap. Along the same price range as NYX, I’ve never been disappointed using this brand. I’ve used the blushes and the Conceal + Perfect 2 in 1 foundation. The foundation is really good coverage for only being around $10. They’re cruelty free of course and I believe they’re working on becoming vegan. There’s a page titled ‘Vegan’ on their website but it’s under construction. I like Milani because as POC they have good shades that play well with my skin tone. Also, their blush line is hella cute.


Favorite product(s): Baked Bronzer and Rose Powder Blush

mineral fuse

Nail polish is definitely something I’m strict on when it comes to ethics. Did you know a lot of nail polishes have formaldehyde and other hard to spell chemicals?!?!?! It’s a scary thing to consider when you realize that throughout the day you’re constantly putting your hands on your face and in your mouth… not to mention your pets or worse your babies! My point is I play no games when it comes to my nail polish. That’s why I only use a few brands strictly and Zoya is one of them! It’s all natural and nontoxic which puts my mind at ease.

They also, sell lip colors.

Favorite product(s): Whisper Collection & Matte Velvet Collection

Published Works

The only other nail polish I buy is Mineral Fusion. They sell other beauty products as well however, I’ve only tried the nail polish which is sold in Whole Foods. Mineral Fusion is all natural but, that’s not all, it’s eco friendly, in that they package using recycled materials, and it’s free of gluten! I didn’t realize makeup had gluten in it. This brand does advertise that they do not test on animals and they’re partners with the National Coalition for Domestic Violence! How great is that?!

I decided to try Mineral Fusion after watching YouTuber Naptural85 rave about it. Now I’m in love.

Here are some of their other products that I’ve yet to try.

Favorite product(s): Slate Nail Polish

Kat D

Did you know Drew Barrymore had a makeup line? I didn’t until a few months ago. Not only is she starring in a kickass show (seriously guys go watch Santa Clarita Diet) but, she’s cranking out kickass cruelty free beauty products! You’d think it’d be hella expensive since I don’t know, she’s a celebrity but, nope totally affordable.

Favorite product(s): Sunshine Fragrance


Kat Von D products are literally every girl or guys’ best friend when they’re having a fucked up skin day. I can’t tell you how many times her Lock-It Tattoo foundation saved me when I was looking gross. It’s on the more spendy side with the foundations being over $30 and lipsticks around $20 and up. Also, I will say that her line of makeup is heavy so if you’re not into full coverage this might not be for you but, I don’t wear it everyday so my pores are happy. I guess the idea is that this makeup is so impenetrable that you can cover up tattoos without anyone knowing. This brand is cruelty free and almost 100% vegan. I’m not a fan of her lippies but, I have friends whom like them.

Favorite product(s): Lock-It Foundation and Shade + Light Contour Palette


I’ve only just come to discover the amazing brand that is Too Faced. It’s incredible! I’ve only a few products but, I’m definitely a fan. 100% Cruelty Free, I don’t mind so much spending the extra money to support this company. The products are great quality and I’ve never heard any negative things about the pigments of their palettes, though I still need to test those out. 

Favorite product(s): Born this Way Foundation and Better than Sex Mascara



So there you have it. My go to ethical beauty brands. Give them a try and let me know what  you think. Do you have any favorites that aren’t featured? List them in the comments below. I’d love to try something.

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  1. jhilmil

    Wow, I loved the rose powder blush! Image itself made me fall in love with it!

  2. Echoesofhervoice

    This is very helpful. Thanks for your candid review and for sharing!

  3. Niki

    Amazing! Since you are into cruelty free stuff, you’d like La Vie en Rose and Fresh Line! They are both Made in Greece and amazing!

    1. Brooke

      I’ll try it out. Thanks !

      1. Niki

        You are welcome hun!

  4. Sarah

    Lots of good information here if one is looking into purchasing cruelty free makeup. And I also discovered the Better Than Sex mascara recently! It’s an amazing product and even better now that I know they’re cruelty free

  5. Mercy (Zen Maud)

    Weird indeed. My guess is L’Oréal is using NYX as it’s social responsibility tag. Companies do that so they can go ahead with other “unacceptable practices” for their higher selling products. They’re trying to reach all markets. I’ve been looking for cruelty-free make-up. I might go for Milani or Too Faced. Thanks for sharing your review. I found it very helpful.

  6. Abhinav

    Looks good and will suggest it to my female friends 🙂

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    I appreciate your concern for animals and the environment. Such products are indeed difficult to find.

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    I am hearing a lot of good stuff about Too faced and Kat Von D, good to see it here as well. Guess what i know to ask next for a gift 😀

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    I loved your post !
    I never knew that NYX and Urban Decay are cruelty free.
    It’s good to know that I’m using good products. And I will definitely try out the nail paints brand recommended by you. thanks for the great info!

  10. Lisa K

    I love mineral fusion! Great products! I am an ethically conscious person as well so I enjoyed reading about the brands in this post. Will have to check them out:)

  11. Lisa K

    I love mineral fusion products! I try to be ethical as well and so I enjoyed reading about these brands. Will check them out for sure.

  12. Andrei Iliescu

    These are really interesting, and that’s not coming from me, but from my girlfriend, with whom I shared this article.

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    cruelty free make up is very important to me! thanks for all the suggestions!

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    I never thought I cared about businesses ethos but I really do. I was so happy to see NYX on that list!

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    I love Zoya & NYX. I also use the ELF Baked Highlighter! I agree, cruelty-free is the best 🙂

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