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I have a confession to make, I’m sort of cheap. I’m constantly trying to cut costs so that I can maximize my bank account 😉 Then again, who doesn’t want more money?

One of my biggest guilty pleasures are facial masks and a huge fad to date are peel maks that reduce blackheads. I love a good facial mask but, I don’t have crazy amounts of cash to spend on all the latest. My favorite particularly are the charcoal masks. Charcoal has so many great benefits that I’ve incorporated it in my daily regimen, more on that later. If you’ve been on the internet lately you’ve probably seen thousands of those videos about people trying out Korean Charcoal masks and filming the process of peeling them off. Painful? Yes. Entertaining? DEFINITELY!

DIY Blackhead Remover Mask

While now-a-days you can probably find different versions of these masks everywhere, I took a crack at making one on my own.

I’ve seen recipes for the mask all over Pinterest but, I figured I’d take it up a notch. Before I give you the low down on this hack I’m just going to say that like the commercial masks this DIY mask is slightly painful when peeling it off. I’ve used the name brand ones and find that the results are pretty minimal regarding the amount of junk that is ripped from my pores. I’ve tried this recipe about three times already and I’ve seen better results. Now that might not be the same for you but, I will say the extra ingredients I add my own personal mixture are more beneficial than just regular ones.



2 tbs of Actvated Charcoal
Non-toxic glue (I used Elmer’s School Glue)
2 drops of Organic Pepermint (buy)
2 drops of Tea Tree Oil (buy or buy)

Salon Facial At Home For A Fraction of the Cost

Mix the ingredients up in a resealable container, this is to prevent wastefulness. If the activated charcoal is fully mixed with the glue, you won’t see any powder sitting on the top of the mix. Make sure to test on a part of your body that isn’t your face. This is to ensure you don’t have a bad reaction. If all things are good, apply to your face or area from where you wish to remove blackheads.

Please! Do not put this mask over your eyebrows or any part that has a patch of hair. It will hurt like the dickens when peeling. 

Easy Charcoal Peel

For myself this mask worked pretty well. Was I left with some blackheads? Yes but, I did see some gunk in the mask once removed so, I’d say that’s a win. Most of the DIY recipes I’ve found don’t have the oils added in. However, tea tree oil is really great with cleaning up complexions and peppermint opens up the pores. I added these two ingredients to maximize the results. It left my skin feeling refreshed and tingly which is something I always look for in my facial masks. Who doesn’t like a good tingly mask?

Now I’m not entirely sure if the thickness in which you put the mask on has an effect on the results you get but, from the pictue you can see I laid it on pretty thick. It took about a good 30 minutes for it to dry on the surface and I left it on for additional 20 to make sure it was 100%. I do recommend putting on a facial moisturizer after using this mask and any mask for that fact, just to keep your skin hydrated.

Peeling this mask off was about as painful as the other commercial masks so there’s no difference in that respect. I was hesitant in the beginning because it is glue that’s going on your face. I’ve seen other recipes that utilize gelatin but, I haven’t looked into that. As long as you’re using non-toxic glue you should be okay, especially considering this is product we give to children to use. Please read the labels of the ingredients you’re going to use before attempting this mask. 

I’d definitely try this again. In the long run it’s fiscally beneficial because you’re buying the ingredients in bulk and for some people, like myself, these ingredients can be found around the house. I already had the activated charcoal because, I use it for teeth whitening. Glue is something I had laying around in my crafting supplies and the essential oils I’ve used with other DIY masks so, I had those ready.

Give this hack a try and let me know what your results were down below in the comments.

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    Absolutely useful information!

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    It’s nice that it worked for you…I’m not too good with diy’s

  3. Michelle Langi

    I bought activated charcoal last year but I forgot to use it and lost the charcoal. Good to know that the mask works.

  4. Musings of a tired mummy...zzz...

    Using glue! Great idea (better than gelatine as I’m vegetarian!)

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